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Tangle Master 3D is a casual game with tons of levels that consist of ropes tied in knots. Your mission on every level is tap on the ropes to undo the knots. As you play, the levels get increasingly more difficult with knots that are much harder to untangle.

Graphics in Tangle Master 3D show all the ropes in 3D, making it easier for you to undo the knots. But the first step is to take a look at the bases for each rope. This is an important step, because each base can only support one rope at a time.

Gameplay in Tangle Master 3D is easy and fun, so you can play quick games whenever and wherever you want. All you have to do is tap the rope you want to move to another base in order to remove the various knots one by one.

Tangle Master is an entertaining puzzle game where you have to untangle all the knots on each level. Without a doubt, this is a great game that only becomes more addictive the longer you play.


Tangle Master 3D

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