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Eternal City

The description of Eternal City

‘Endless City’ is a continuous fight RPG, with numerous saints and diverse plot lines to help keep you locked in. This is ensured to present to you a one of a kind and dazzling knowledge!

The game’s story happens in a cutting edge seaside city. At some point, the ‘Dark Gate’ showed up in the city, and beasts from various measurements attacked the city. The whole city was secured with a muddling fog, and all harmony was in a flash pulverized. Amid this time, it was found that a few people that held exceptional capacities and had the ability to utilize fanciful weapons. These people can not exclusively can slaughter these beasts, yet they can likewise wreck the Black Gate. These brave characters, called “Wielders”, in the end collected at the ‘Focal Department’ to ascend against the Xenos World and battle for their predetermination!

This is the minute the character you’re playing enters to the city. You as the hero hold an uncommon and unique capacity that Wielders depend on. In the wake of studying the world, you’ve found things are not as straightforward as you’d once suspected. The risk isn’t only the Black Gate and the beasts it summons. A 7-day commencement that controls the destiny of the city is rapidly drawing nearer…

Some outstanding specialists were welcome to take part in the game’s creation. In view of Netease’s self-created motor, and one of a kind execution innovation, the 2.5-D anime-style visuals will convey an extraordinary encounter to every player.

The game’s music was made by the amazing Japanese performer – Mr. Kawai Kenji. He has made numerous unique soundtracks for the assorted ongoing interaction inside ‘Unceasing City’. Also, many understood Japanese CV, for example, Hanazawa Kana, Uchida Maaya, and Kugimiya Rie have taken an interest in the game’s naming. Complete length of the naming surpasses 10 hours.

• CAMERA: It is utilized in the Camera work when players need to take pictures and use them as representation.

• RECORD_AUDIO: It is utilized in world channel when players need to send some voice messages

Fixed an issue that happened with some Sony headphone models

• EXTERNAL_STORAGE: It is utilized to spare a portion of the game’s assets


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