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The description of LifeAfter

A snowstorm of wrecking infection ambushed the world, realizing the cataclysmic deterioration of requests and agreements.

At the point when the sunsets, the world transformed into a horrific experience, swarming with Infecteds. When you at last got a break, and found a spot to rest your sore feet, you wound up depleted, starving, low on ammunition and tormented by the chilliness of night. You can hear the snarling of Infecteds, drawing nearer, and you realize it will be one more night of tension and ghastliness. How much longer would you be able to endure?

LifeAfter, a portable game portraying the survival of humankind in a post infection whole-world destroying world, is formally propelled.

Live on, together.

  • Keep your will to endure and trusts alive.

The world you once knew so well is currently an outside spot in the flood of an infection pandemic. The life of survivors is always being undermined by sicknesses, starvation, cold, Infecteds and associations with concealed motivation. You’ll need to remain quiet in the midst of every one of these threats and accept there is an exit plan.

  • Live on with anything accessible.

Investigate every last bit of the dystopian world – be it in the city brimming with Infecteds, or a relinquished mine, or a separated school, or a solidifying cold timberland up in the good countries – to search fundamental materials so as to endure. You’ll have to realize how to chase and accumulate for sustenance, how to keep an eye on your injuries and make arms to ensure yourself.

  • Encounter different survivors.

You may experience different survivors on your searching runs. You’ll must be additional cautious, for they may assault you for plunder. On the off chance that they are friendly, you can impart to them your sustenance, ammunition and experience stories.

  • Build the last haven for humankind.

With the believed companions you made en route, you can discover a spot to camp and construct, one block at any given moment, until you have the last asylum for humankind. Together, around the open air fire, people may indeed battle off the long, cool night with embraces.

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LifeAfter 1.0.137 Update


This is Radio 101 transmitting over all AM frequencies, calling all survivors.

  1. New Outfit – Steam Power accessible!
  2. The Caravan has countless uncommon merchandise that should be conveyed.
  3. You can go to the Weapon Shop and Armor Shop to fashion Accessories and prepare them on the relating gear to improve their properties.
  4. New Security Lock highlight accessible in Settings


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