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Stack Ball Blast through platforms

Stack Ball Blast through platforms

The description of Stack Ball

Stack Ball is a 3d arcade diversion where players crush, knock and bob through spinning helix stages to achieve the end.

Sound simple? You wish!!

Your ball crushes like a block through vivid stages that obstruct its plummet, yet on the off chance that you hit a dark one, it’s everywhere! Your ball breaks to pieces and you need to begin your fall all once again once more.

Be that as it may, even dark stages are no counterpart for a fireball falling at full speed! Pick your technique: accelerate like a crazy person or stop and trust that your next shot will roll and hop. Other ball games wish they were this good times!

Why Stack Ball rules:

  • Crazy quick speed
  • Fun interactivity
  • Bright energetic illustrations
  • Simple and simple to play
  • Great time executioner


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