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Classic Words Solo

Classic Words Solo

The depiction of Classic Words Solo

Great Words Solo is the main word amusement to play against your cell phone or tablet (solitaire mode).

Advance your vocabulary because of the inherent word definitions!

6 trouble dimensions and numerous dialects are bolstered: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish.

Tired of unearthing con artists or hanging tight hours for your rival’s best course of action on multiplayer word amusements?

Evaluate Classic Words Solo for moment fun, regardless of in the event that you are a tenderfoot in crossword diversions or a competition player!

Pick the ability dimension of the PC (from tenderfoot to master), pick a word list (English word records incorporate TWL and SOWPODS official vocabularies), and utilize your system aptitudes and vocabulary to attempt and annihilation the Droid.

Exemplary Words interactivity is established to crosswords prepackaged games: make and spot words on the board and lift your score by setting letters on the high scoring Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word squares.

Utilize every one of the 7 letters from your rack to play a Bingo and get a 50 points reward.

This amusement is an extraordinary time executioner for all devotees of tabletop games and technique recreations. It is additionally an instructive amusement that will permit children (and grown-ups) to improve their spelling and vocabulary.

Because of the quick reactivity and variable ability of the PC and quality word records, Classic Words is utilized by numerous lovers to play brisk preparing matches and take in new words from the PC’s moves.

Not at all like with multiplayer table games where some deceptive players use re-arranged word solvers, there is no bamboozling conceivable when playing solitaire… Letters and spaces are constantly picked arbitrarily, and the PC’s man-made brainpower does not have more data than you do.

Just your strategies and imagination can have the effect…

Will you play deliberately enough to outsmart the PC and its broad vocabulary?

☆ Features ☆

• 6 dimensions of trouble

• Display the meaning of words by swiping them

• Supports disconnected play

• Quit and resume amusement at whatever point you need

• Shake to rearrange

• Languages and word references bolstered:

  • English
  • SOWPODS 2015 (Official English competition list)
  • TWL 2014 (Official rundown)
  • German (with help of Umlauts, and Ezset to be supplanted by two ‘S’)
  • French (Official rundown utilized in competitions)
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Polish

• Distribution of letters and indicates is adjusted the language


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