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World War Heroes

The depiction of World War Heroes


A multiplayer FPS in the World War 2 settings!

This amusement will take you to World War II, where you’ll ready to utilize military vehicles to direct fights.

The amusement highlights 7 diversion modes:

✯ Hardcore Mode

Mode increment the harm and makes the amusement increasingly sensible;

✯ Deathmatch

Free battle for all. You battle for yourself. Player with the most noteworthy score wins the round;

✯ Team Deathmatch

Two groups battle for mastery. The group with the most noteworthy score toward the finish of the round successes.

✯ Bomb Mode

One group ought to bring and plant a bomb at the demonstrated point, the other group must forestall it!

✯ Team Squad

Two groups battle each other with no respawns. The group which has in any event one part wins.

✯ Team fight on panzers

Two groups fight against one another. The group that has the most focuses toward the finish of the round successes.

✯ Custom Modes

Make a diversion with your own guidelines! Tell your companions amusement number in the insights window when you make a room and play together!


✯ 7 incredible World War II fights!

✯ 4 kinds of fight vehicles from various nations: USA, Russia, Japan, and Germany!

✯ 5 amusement modes and a custom mode with your very own principles!

✯ 57 special weapon types: guns, strike rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and some more!

*Reminder: Join competitions to win prize, raise your group!

More highlights:

✯✯✯ Login to Get Daily Free Gifts ✯✯✯

Login to Get Daily Free Gifts, Login to get Free Daily Quests!

Login to get every day free things. Don’t likewise miss the reward EXP and Credits time!

✯✯✯ 50+ Weapons, Customize yourself ✯✯✯

50 kinds of weapons: firearms, guns, tommy-weapons, subguns, explosives, rockets and body protective layers!

Redo your weapon and get an extraordinary test piece – change the shading and get all alternatives, from barrels and stocks to scopes.

✯✯✯ Upgrade gear framework ✯✯✯

Redesign your apparatus and become more grounded!

Ordinary updates and new components are sitting tight for you.



World War Heroes 1.11.4 Update

2019-05-15- Three new weapons added;
– Auto-enhance item system added;
– Tutorial reworked;
– Bug of battle search and time limit fixed;
– Performance optimized;
– Minor bugs fixed.


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