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Standoff 2

The depiction of Standoff 2

The amazing “Standoff” is back as a dynamic first-individual shooter!

New maps, new sorts of weapons, new diversion modes are hanging tight for you in ths unimaginable activity amusement, where psychological militants and uncommon powers going to draw in the fight not forever, yet to death.

The amusement is at the beta-testing stage right now:

  • 6 maps
  • 3 amusement modes (“Deathmatch”, “Defuse the bomb”, “Weapons contest”)
  • Friends
  • Lobbies
  • Messaging
  • Trades between players
  • HUD and crosshair customization
  • Text and voice visits
  • A great deal of fun!

Next highlights:

  • New amusement modes (“Capture the banner”, “Burglary”)
  • Competitive recreations (“Defuse the bomb”)
  • Tournaments
  • New models of blades, projectiles, new weapons
  • More maps and skins

Give the fight a chance to start!

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Standoff 2 0.10.11 Update

2019-04-30***0.10.11 patch 4***
InApp bug fixed

Standoff 2 is two years old!
For that reason we launch temporary event “2 Years Celebration”!
Take part in 3 special game modes that will definitely give you maximum fun!
Earn special points and exchange them for exclusive skins!

Check it out and have fun!


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