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Amusement Description

Smaller than expected World is a 3D allowed to-play sandbox amusement about experience, investigation, and making your fantasy universes. There is no crushing or leveling. No IAP door that locks highlights from allowed to play players. Everybody can appreciate the diversion’s full highlights with extraordinary opportunity

Survival Mode

Gather assets, fabricate apparatuses and havens to endure. Continue making and overhauling and you in the end will get an opportunity to challenge epic beasts in the Dungeon, alone or with companions

Creation Mode

Players are given every one of the sources from the begin. By putting or expelling squares, you can manufacture a coasting mansion, an instrument that reap consequently or a guide that plays music. Sky’s the breaking point

Play Games made by the network

Need to play something brisk? simply jump on some fun smaller than expected recreations made my our players. The included smaller than normal amusements are field tried maps hand-picked by our bad-to-the-bone fans. Smaller than usual amusements come in various types: parkour, bewilder, FPS, or system. They are loads of fun and it’s an extraordinary method to make a few companions on the web


♦ Updates – new substance and occasions update each month

♦ Offline Single Player and Online Multiplayer – the player can play solo without Wifi or jump on the web and play with companions

♦ Enormous Sandbox World – investigate a sweeping sandbox world with an assortment of remarkable beasts, squares, materials, and mines.

♦ Powerful amusement manager – there are different sorts of smaller than normal recreations, spreading over from parkour, to confuse, to FPS,to procedure, and so on all can be made in the ingame-manager

♦ Gallery – you can transfer or download amusements or maps you made to the Gallery for others to download and play, or view the most blazing maps by different players

♦ Game mode – survival mode, creation mode or scaled down amusements made by different players

♦ Localization Support – the amusement presently underpins up to 14 dialects: English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Italian, German, Indonesian and Chinese.

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Twitter: @miniwantech


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Mini World 0.35.1 Update

2019-05-161.Miniature Mob
New function to create exclusive mob.Human shaped template only.Save in resource center to use in other archives.Displayable in mutiplayer.
2.NPC Store: Plugin-Creature-Interation
Set up store name,info,items.Merchandise can be plugin items.Available in mutiplayer.
3. Lucky Bag: Plugin-Props-New-Lucky Bag
Set up fix or random drop and open condition. 20 items max for each lucky bag.
4.New Mecha Meow skin (in shop May 31) and 61 new avatars!


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